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About Holly

Hello! I'm Holly, the owner and operator of Peach Bottom Pottery. I have been passionate about clay for over 12 years. My love began in Yellowstone National Park where I worked for the resident potter. Along the way I have worked for many different potters, gathering valuable  knowledge while I've worked . It wasn't until I found myself on a little piece of property with an old springhouse/dairy (perfect for a studio!) that the workings of my dream came to light.  Nestled along the banks of Peach Bottom Creek, I find endless inspiration.

My work is about simplicity in both form and function, and draws from those quiet moments in the rhythm of the natural world. Every piece begins as a conversation between hands and clay.  The imprint of a fingertip, the soft indentation of a favorite tool or found object... all of these marks are an acknowledgement of the fluidity of time and an attempt to suspend the extensive moment of creation.  It is my hope that from my hands to yours there can be a transference of this soft, subtle energy.